Clearly you’ve never ben to Boston. Maybe not as… colorful as Havenbrooke, but we had some strange people. Lots of homeless, and most of them with pretty wild stories to tell.

Oh? You’re not telling me you end up there often, are you?

Well, I grew up in Chicago…and there’s some weird people there. But you expect it in a city, not ninety percent of the population in a small town. We had gangs…and homeless people too.

It’s only been once…or three times. But I had my reasons.



Don’t get your hopes up too high, I’m not sure even Pepper would be able to stop him from mocking that.

Natasha? That sounds like her. But it takes - you know… socializing. Like the old days.

It’s worth a shot though.

Yeah, but my socializing skills are still like the old days. At least that how Stark makes it sound. Barton even made a comment once.


Hey, that’s not a bad thing, you know. I’ve been told I have a habit of being pretty predictable, but that’s my job.

[She smiled as he slid over another glass, and laughed at his comment.]

Well, thank god you didn’t do that. I’d probably end up on the floor.

It’s better than being known for being boring, that’s for sure. I’ll have to admit that this town has a lot of eccentric people though.

[He laughs a bit at that thought.]

It’s not a comfortable floor either, believe me, I know.



[Bucky couldn’t help but laugh.]

Yeah, I’m sure she does. Based on what I’ve heard, he kind of needs it.

But Steve, really - what about you? No girl to give you ‘the look’?

Agreed. Maybe eventually we won’t have to be shoving futon frames into my closet, hoping that he doesn’t find it and laugh.

No. Believe me you’d know. Natasha’s been trying, but there’s no one yet.


That’s what I thought, but I was afraid I’d tossed around too many insults for one night.

Somehow I’m not surprised.

[The first shot almost made her shiver, but the knowledge that Sean would have seen provoked her to keep it down as well as she could. Alright, ‘a little rusty’ may have been an understatement. Hard liquor had never really been part of her repertoire - once or twice in college was about the extent of it.

She hardly got a chance to process that he’d asked her if she wanted another before he was pouring another glass. ‘Just as well,’ she figured. Just one night. She was going to enjoy at least one night, even if she had to make herself.]

Remember what I said about going easy on me?

Thanks for sparing my feelings. [laughs] Sometimes I surprise people, sometimes I don’t.

[In all honesty, he was making a note that second that he had in fact, said he’d be going easy on her. He forgot a lot that he probably was waay more experience with this stuff than the rest of the town. Granted, he didn’t get smashed every night and he was certainly better off than before he moved to Havenbrooke, but he could handle a lot.

So, he would take this one slow, maybe talk a bit more. Let her ask for the next one. Best way to go in all honesty.]

This is going easy on you. I could make them doubles.



[Truth be told, Bucky was still working on adjusting to everyone around here - but Pepper was someone he liked. Tony was… Tony. Snark and money and - wouldn’t you know it - a certain level of sympathy he didn’t like to share. Pepper was someone Bucky liked. She was professional in every definition of the word, but she cared seemingly about everyone. There was something special about that.]

She’s really got him in her purse, doesn’t she?

[Everyone kinda had their talks about how they wondered why Pepper and Tony worked. It was probably one of those opposites attract things, which when suggested, it was quickly disputed as those are never completely successful. Though it somehow worked with those two. More power to them. If they were happy, then Steve could say he was happy for them. It had nothing to do with how Pepper could usually stop Tony from…well, being Tony.]

A little, yeah. He says she has this look she gives him. It stares right into his soul.


Honestly? I can’t decide.


[Elena picked up what she assumed would be the first of many future shots. Truth be told? It was nice. Things had been more stressful than she could ever handle in the office, and she could feel the floor crumbling beneath her feet. Maybe this kind of break would be a good thing, and as much as she hated to admit it, Sean was… nice.]

Actually, I can. No, it’d be horrible.

I’ve thought about it a lot.

[Sean watched Elena as she took her first shot. Maybe he was a little surprised by it, but he was glad she did. He started with the salt on his arm, took the shot, and followed by biting the lime as ritual dictated. Honestly, he wasn’t just glad because he was attracted to her, but the biggest reason was because he liked seeing her relaxed, which she hadn’t been a lot lately. He’d only seen her relaxed one other time, but it was memorable.]

Another? [He started filling the glasses.]



[Bucky was admittedly relieved when Steve didn’t make any particular comment on his arm. It allowed everything to feel slightly normal, considering the circumstances, and that made Bucky feel at home. Now, after everything, that’s all he really needed.]

If he goes for the closet, we’ll find a way to distract him.

[Getting the frame into the closet was the easiest of the task, but distracting Tony could be hard. Especially if Jarvis said or says something. One day Steve would get used to all of this technology and stuff. One day he’d be able to keep Tony from seeing stupid things he did…by not doing them in the first place.]

If that fails, I’ll call Pepper.


Oh, are you a mind reader now?


Wouldn’t it be cool if I was?

[pours two shots, sliding one to Elena, followed by the salt.]



[Bucky smiled and nudged Steve out of the way, holding the pathetic frame in the closet with his right arm. Part of it seemed slightly surreal, as if he couldn’t completely understand what was happening. He and Steve were together in Stark Tower, alive. They were very much alive, and they both had problems, but they were there. Alive and coping, and of all things, trying and failing at putting together a futon.

Bucky looked the frame up and down. As much as he hated his left arm, as much as he wondered whether it could be his even if he could control every single inch of it, it had it’s uses. Some more than others.

So he used its strength to effortlessly bend back the pieces that had clearly been put into the wrong place until the frame fit. It took a few minutes, but by the time he was done. the door fit snugly closed.]

[Steve looked at Bucky when he nudges him before he mouthed and “oh” and moved out of the way. Honestly, it was a little weird to be here right now with him, trying to shove a mangled futon frame into his closet. He’d kinda reserved to the fact that he was going to ultimately be alone in the “being from the past” situation, but now he didn’t have to.

Bucky was alive…he remembered. While there was still problems that were being worked on, stuff they may have to talk about, stuff they’re coping with, everything was feeling alright. He was happy to being doing something “normal.” Even if they were incapable of doing it normally.

He nodded at the door, then Bucky when it was closed. While he knew there was a lot of…dislike that came with the arm and toward the arm, he couldn’t help but be a little amazed by it. He may be confused…and sometimes wished for a simpler time, but he was sometimes fascinated by things people were capable of creating and inventing.]

That should do it. Unless Stark decides to look in the closet.