Breaking a Code

I suppose there could be a spoiler warning for anyone that cares. But otherwise enjoy a future moment from Sean and Elena!

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Isn’t the fact that you’re so keen proof enough?

I’ve always been more of one that does things to learn rather than just assume facts.

Oh, I don’t know.


[Daphne gave a small smile.] Especially not lately. Outside late at night seems like a dangerous place to be these days. [She wanted to shudder, but held herself stiffly to avoid it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. She was raised to be strong, she couldn’t be afraid.]

Your place? [Daphne thought, and nodded. The last thing on her mind was what people would say about it - because it seemed as though everyone knew everything in this fucking town - and even if she had thought about it, she wouldn’t care. Fuck them. She was worrying about herself this time.] My apartment’s not so fancy either, don’t worry. Yeah, that sounds perfect. I mean, as long as you don’t mind me being in your private space.

I mean at least there’d be two of us but still. [Honestly, even without a killer on the loose, he’d probably still choose not to sit in a park in the dark. Except there was the peace and the stars he supposed. Well, he wouldn’t be drinking in a park anyway. Especially in this town.]

Alright, well then I won’t feel to bad. Thankfully today was laundry day. [He laughed somewhat jokingly. Though, honestly before laundry was the worst in his apartment, but he wouldn’t go into details.] Should we make the stop at your place? [He started to walk, but paused enough for her to take the lead because he had no clue where her apartment was.] What kind of wine is it?



[Michael shook his head.] Absolutely not. Take your time, do what you need to do, and after you talk to Virtus, take the weekend off. It sounds like you need it, and the last thing I want is for you to be stressed out of your mind. I think Mills’ can survive one more weekend.

[In all truth, Michael worried about Atlas Virtus. Sure, the guy seemed to have honor, respect (so long as people respected him) - but there was something about him that just remained unnerving. But maybe that was just Michael going along with the rabble. But of one thing he was sure: if Toni was hurt, or if Virtus didn’t treat her the way she deserved, Michael would talk to him face-to-face.]

What are friends for?

I don’t exactly want to be a bad employee already, but I suppose you’re right. Depending on how that goes, I may need it. But I’ll set up a doctor’s appointment. Pick up vitamins or whatever else they tell me I need. [She knew she had at least that much for extra responsibilities right now.]

I can say, I’m glad to have you for a friend. Not quite sure how many would’ve just said “dude that sucks” or something instead of giving me a job.

I’ve attempted apologies.


Speak for yourself - I think I’m whipped!

[When his outfit changed, Liv, much to her own chagrin, had to stop her jaw from dropping. Never would she have imagined that he’d look so… well, dashing in “Midgardian” clothing. She nodded slowly.] We must. Often. Whenever possible. [After a short pause, she reached out and tugged down his sleeves, wearing an odd look on her face as if she were trying desperately not to smile.] That’s - those are going to drive me wild.

I don’t recall you having been whipped. Should I be concerned?

[The outfit had the desired effect. He’d kinda been studying her reactions to his various clothing options before and well, the sleeves were definitely something to add to his list.] I’ve made note of that. [He kissed the side of her head before he reached over to grab one of the cookies from the table in front of them.]

I’m fine.


[Shawn could tell something was very, very wrong, and he hated that he couldn’t help her with it. Everything from her demeanor to the way she spoke to the way she walked told him there was more going on - but he knew what it was like to want to keep your secrets. Hopefully she had better reasons than him.]

About my - ? Oh! The ‘Me and My Dick’ thing! You heard about that? [Shawn couldn’t help but laugh. Boy oh boy did word travel fast in this town.] No, it’s not actually about my dick. It’s a big reveal. I started that rumor - well, sort of, I didn’t actually mean for it to spread - because Evelyn kept insisting that she wouldn’t come. I thought if I said that she might come to see if I’d actually written a play called ‘Me and My Dick’.

I’m so glad that’s a rumor with no truth. Though, I’m sure people would’ve still gone to see that. [He was so popular around town, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Besides, he was attractive, she’d never lie about that.] I’m sure she’ll end up critiquing you about false advertising or something though. But she’ll probably be relieved to find out it’s not about someone and their dick, just like i am.

Oh, no.


[Elsa was happy that she happened to look up when she did, suddenly realizing how close they actually were to their destination.] Would you look at that? We arrived even faster than I thought. [She squeezed his arm affectionately.] Shall we?

Good company seems to always make time go faster. [He smiled and nodded before he walked with her to the door only to break their contact so he could open the door for her.] After you, my dear.



Oh, god.

We have to stop. That robot voice thing in the house is going to hear and tell Stark.

Then we’ll be super sorry.

Okay, I’m super done now. Even though I’m positive Jarvis likes us too much to tell Stark.


[And he’d kissed her back. Her heart nearly leapt when he did, and Elena hadn’t realized until that moment that she was dead terrified he’d shove her away.

It had been six years since she’d allowed herself a moment like this, a moment to feel. Six years since she’d made the promise to herself that she would never do it again. Trust was too easy - so easy it had become difficult. She’d trusted someone she’d loved, and he betrayed her. Someone she’d spent years loving. Someone she was willing to start a family with.

How was she supposed to trust anyone after that?

But letting someone in (even if she hadn’t opened up, not completley, not yet) almost felt natural, now. It felt like an old habit, to finally give up on that fucking wall, to let herself feel something other than sadness or stress or anger. Sean made it easy, because from the beginning, that’s all he wanted.]

[Elena’s hand touched his cheek, and when it did, she almost could have laughed. All that time ago, the first time she’d knocked on Sean’s door - never in a million years would she have guessed that she’d start looking forward to his daily debauchery. On days it was absent, things didn’t feel quite right.

And here she was. Though her heart ached, though everything in her mind whispered doubts, it felt right. Everything from the way he moved with her to the way his skin felt at her fingertips was everything she’d wanted - needed - for longer than she actually realized. Though she wasn’t sure she would have done it without the alcohol, without having relaxed, she was glad she did. It was nice to be Elena Spencer again, and not just the Chief of Police.]

[Yep, he was totally going for this whole patience thing more often. It made everything feel so sweeter. It felt so right. Like any other kisses before were nothing compared to this. And this is what he was telling himself it would be from the beginning. It was what kept up the patience he supposed. Good thing come to those who wait…or whatever that cliche statement was.

Now what he was worried about was messing it up. Now they both knew for sure there were feelings, but that only meant that there were feelings right there and in the open. Now there was something actually there that could get messed up. And he knew…or was mostly positive that Elena was used keeping it all to herself and not opening up. Not that he could blame her. He was somewhat the same way, just went about it differently. He wasn’t going to mess this up. That was his new goal. He wasn’t going to fuck up like he had before.

But honestly, this wasn’t anything to worry about right now. They were sharing a kiss and a good one at that. Score one for Selena or Ean…whichever sounded better for them. Thought honestly, he was voting for the first because it sounded better. Though, they’d probably have to clarify with people as to what they were talking about. Maybe there’d be something else? He’d bounce ideas off Elena later.

When she touched her hand to his cheek, he reached and put his hand on the back of her head, gently intertwining his fingers in her hair. He could admit maybe that his antics were usually done as a way to get her to notice him. It seemed a little childish like something a little kid would do to their parents, but it was still a tactic.

But in the end, it was safe to conclude all his regrets were worth it in the end because here he was with Elena and they were sharing this. This wouldn’t have happened without a couple of his regrets. And maybe he was fixing one of them right now.]



Yeah, well, we both know I can “beam you up” whenever I please.

Quite possibly. But for argument’s sake, we could experiment to prove that hypothesis.